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Weaver EcoLuxe Bamboo Round Trail Rein

EcoLuxe Round Trail Rein from Weaver has a very soft, luxury feel thanks to organic bamboo fiber. Popular for saddle pads and riding apparel, bamboo is now put to good use with these Weaver trail reins.  EcoLuxe Round Trail Rein in 2 colors has water loops with tie lace and scissor snaps.

  • Eco-friendly organic bamboo
  • Extra soft feel
  • Water loops and scissor snaps
  • Charcoal/Tan
  • 1/2" thick x 10' long

Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows fast, requires little water, and doesn't need pesticides or fertilizers. It offers wicking, breathable, antibacterial, and UV resistant performance for horse tack that works hard and feels fantastic! Weaver EcoLuxe Bamboo Round Trail Rein comes in your choice of Charcoal/Tan, Brown/Black, or solid Black.