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Used Buffalo Stamped 16" Heavy Duty (EXTRA NICE) Roper X-Wide Bar

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Extra nice heavy duty roper with a buffalo and steer head skull stamped behind the cantle on the center of the skirt. Very nice quality soft leather and clean stainless steel Dee's with engraving. Comes with a complete back rigging, leather tie strap, and leather off billet. 6 strings in total on saddle to tie your gear to. Wrapped horn. Bicycle padded seat and smooth leather with shell border tooling. This is a heavy saddle, so it is NOT for someone looking for a light roper. This saddle has been cleaned and ready to work!


  • SEAT - 16"
  • BAR - X-Wide Bar 7 1/2"
  • COLOR - Walnut
  • TREE - Rawhide Wrapped
  • SWELL - 13"
  • CANTLE - 3"
  • SKIRT - 29"
  • RIGGING - Double Dee
  • WEIGHT - 42 lbs