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Sharon Camarillo Sure Fit Orthopedic Pro Pad

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Style # 32616W

The improved Sure Fit Orthopedic Pro saddle pad allows an adjustable shim position to fill in any hollow areas behind the horse’s scapula.Like all Sure Fit pads, the cut back design located at the shoulder and hip on each Sure Fit Pad provides freedom of movement necessary for optimizing both efficient performances – with longer strides and faster times – and comfort.  The free shoulder design allows freedom of movement for comfort and length of stride. Along with a contoured spine and loin relief, these key features provide for a more comfortable saddle fit for the best performance from your horse.

Country of Manufacture - United States

Manufacturer - Reinsman

Size - Horse

Pad Length (Front to Back) - 29"

Pad Drop - 35"

Pad Bottom Material - Wool

Endorsed By - Sharon Camarillo

Weight - 5.0