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Reinsman Spine Relief Wool Pad

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Style # 34000

This pad is designed to provide relief to a horse with a prominent spine. The top of the pad has a 4” spine slot which creates relief for horses with a prominent backbone to reduce spinal contact with the saddle and pad. The wool construction also aids in heat release. Wool naturally absorbs shock, breathes, wicks moisture, and conforms for a better saddle fit. Heavy oil wear leathers are durable for all riding styles.

  • USA Hi-Tech Fibers
  • Heavy Oil Wear Leathers
  • Spine Relief Channel
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Quick Dry

Do not dry wool in the sunlight or with artificial heat, this could cause irreparable shrinking.

Country of Manufacture - United States

Manufacturer - Reinsman

Size - Horse

Padding Amount - 1"

Pad Length (Front to Back) - 31"

Pad Drop - 30"

Pad Bottom Material - Wool

Weight - 5.0