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Reinsman Lycra Fly Mask with Ears

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Part # F100

Those pesky flies - they irritate, aggravate, and bite! Reinsman's Lycra fly mask with ears is just the protection your horse needs to shield his eyes and ears.

The Lycra is form-fitting, lightweight, super soft, and offers 60% UV protection. It's easy to pull apart at the base and slide on your horse's head like a sock. There's a handy tab on the back so you can gently pull the mask down over the poll and use it when you take it off. The ears and eyes are a lightweight fine mesh for breathability and visibility. The mesh has the structure to stay up off the delicate eye area and naturally fit around a horse's ears without blinding movement. Choose your favorite color and let your horse have a peaceful fly season.

Hand was with mild detergent and lay flat to air dry.