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Molly Powell Freedom Fit Wool Pad

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“For years I have been searching for the ultimate pad. I need a pad that can help my saddle sit correctly on my horse. My Freedom Fit Pad is the answer! A layer of memory foam contours under the bars of the saddle creating a ‘nest’ that allows the saddle skirts to stabilize on the wool body of the pad. No more rolling saddles! This pad is made from high-quality wool felt for the ultimate in protection and comfort for your horse. I use this pad every day both in training and competition. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!” Molly Powell,  million-dollar cowgirl, 10 times National Finals Rodeo qualifier.

Does your saddle roll or slip? The Freedom Fit pad is designed with a layer of memory foam that contours under the bars of the saddle skirt to stabilize on the wool body of the pad to help minimize saddle roll. The orthopedic felt provides shock protection for your horse’s back. Use every day in training and competition, this pad can do it all, it’s a great choice for other high-performance events and trail riding.

Orthopedic felt provides excellent shock protection and naturally wicks away moisture, releases heat build-up, breathes for a cooler ride, and is quick drying after use. In addition to the memory foam nesting the bars of the saddle, the wool conforms to the horse’s back resulting in less slippage. The contour shape provides a better fit for horses with more pronounced withers or more sway to their back and allows the saddle to fit properly. We use heavy oiled grain out leathers which result in less cracking and drying out.