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High Horse 17" Little River Trail Saddle 6863-1701-05 Wide Bar

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Serial# 20216686

The Little River has a comfortable double padded seat with 5” cantle for security and a round, felt-lined skirt designed to accommodate short backed trail horses, with the bonus of being lightweight. Stainless steel rings to tie your gear are placed at the front and back of your saddle with four sets saddle strings (one front and back on each side). Crupper dee, easy-care fleece, and Adjustable Position In-skirt rigging for several rigging options make this a great option for long, difficult trails. Upgraded trail glide stirrups have a cushioned bottom to help absorb shock for a smoother ride. All fenders come preturned for optimal knee comfort right out of the box. Take it straight to the trail!

Seat: 17"

Tree: High Horse DURAhide

Swell: 12"

Cantle: 5"

Skirt: 9" D x 23" L

Rigging: Adjustable Position In-Skirt

Weight: 26lbs