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CLOSEOUT Professionals Choice SMB VenTech Elite Front Quartz

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VenTECH Elite Sport Medicine Boots feature VenTECH technology and an UltraShock lining to keep your horse cool, comfortable, and protected during work. VenTECH technology uses an exclusive ventilated, 4-way stretch based neoprene. Like the SMBII and SMB3, the VenTECH Elite provides 360 degrees of protection and is proven to absorb up to 26% of energy from hoof to ground impact.

The uniquely designed suspensory strap flexes with each stride, providing support which helps to prevent fetlock hyperextension. The VenTECH Elites also feature darting to cup the fetlock, providing necessary support and keeping the boots free of dirt and debris. The distinctive angle of the suspensory strap makes proper application simple, and ensures the boot provides maximum protection.

The VenTECH Elite is the most sophisticated Sports Medicine Boot on the market.