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Look no further, luxury and comfort all rolled into one can be found right here with the Circle Y Flex2® South Mountain trail saddle! The short 24” skirt is not only stylish but perfect for those short-backed horses. Now saddling will be a breeze because it only weighs 23 lbs. in the 16" seat. The ultra-comfortable seat is enhanced with the taller cantle for back support. Let's talk about the tree! Circle Y's Flex2® tree is our most loved and popular option because it's lightweight and fits many horses well. The tree works so well for many riders of all sizes because it has a rigid ground seat with a dual-bar system to provide both stability and flexibility where it's needed while supporting the rider's weight. Choose from a Regular or Wide fit. We generally recommend a Regular for a horse with defined withers, and a Wide for a horse that has more round withers and foundation build. Must-have trail features: Tunnel Skirt™ to create a spine relief channel to decrease rubbing, sore spots, and pressure along the spine, and increases airflow Neo-Shock™ skirt absorbs shock through a neoprene filler and conforms to the horse's back for comfort Impact Foam™ seat for all-day riding comfort Softee® seat jockeys and fenders feel ready to ride right from the start EBS Stirrups tilt the stirrup to eliminate torque on the rider's knees and ankles for increased comfort and promote balanced riding Why wait? Give yourself and your horse a comfortable saddle to enjoy those long trail rides.


Seat: 16"

Bar: Reg Fit

Tree: Flex2® Trail5

Swell: 12"

Cantle: 5"

Skirt: 11" Drop 24" Length

Rigging: 7/8 In-Skirt C

Weight: 25lbs

Seat Color: Black Grainout