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DEMO Circle Y 15.5" JBN Barrel 3914-255C-05 Wide Quarter Horse Fit

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DEMO MODEL: Has been used to try on horses. Some wear on seat (see photo)

The Just-B-Natural barrel saddles are TREE FREE for freedom of movement, comfort, and close contact, allowing your horse to perform at his full potential. With a wood swell and cantle, but no bars, the JBN is a great option for the rider that wants the ultimate close contact feel, or the horse that is hard to fit with traditional saddles. Gel skirt inserts provide spine clearance and aid in weight distribution and shock absorption. A wither relief cut removes pressure from the wither area. Forward hung fenders keep the rider's feet from getting behind in a run and are pre-twisted and ready to ride.


  • SEAT - 15.5"
  • BAR - Wide Fit
  • COLOR - Chocolate
  • TREE - Treeless
  • SWELL - 14"
  • CANLTE - 5"
  • SKIRT - 26"
  • RIGGING - 3-Way Adjustable In-Skirt
  • WEIGHT - 28 lbs

Serial# 20211135