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Charmayne James 14.5" Barrel Racer 4291-145CC-05 WIDE BAR RM273, SP4-ABPRABJK-D-ABJK

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Designed with the secure feel and extra “stick” of a full roughout saddle that barrel racers love, the clean Southwest Border tool is accented by a quilted suede seat and classic antique conchos on this rich chocolate roughout saddle, designed with Charmayne James as part of her C11 Barrel Racing series. 4291 Charmayne James Barrel Racer is a great option for the serious competitor, with all of Charmayne's essential saddle features for success.

More Saddle Details:

  • SEAT/BAR - 14.5" / Wide Bar 7"
  • COLOR - Chocolate 
  • TREE - CJ Signature
  • SWELL - 13"
  • CANTLE - 4.5"
  • SKIRT - 24"
  • RIGGING - 7/8 In-Skirt C
  • WEIGHT - 28 lbs