1. How do I read my serial #?

Looking for information on a saddle that you currently own or a used saddle that you are looking to buy or sell? We have historical information on saddles going back to 2006 available in this searchable archive. For additional information, or if your saddle doesn't come up in the search (older than 2006 or missing from the database) you can purchase an Authentication Certificate to have your saddle researched.

2. What is Flex2 Tree?

The Flex2® saddle is a popular choice in a variety of disciplines because it’s unlike any other saddle available today. Not all “flex” saddles are the same, even though it has become a generic term in our industry. Only Circle Y Flex2® design ensures safety, fit,  and rider weight distribution while remaining lightweight.

3. What are the benefits of riding a treeless saddle?

In a treeless saddle, you can look to improve your times, increase your horse's comfort, and be closer to your horse? Many riders have made the switch to a Tammy Fischer treeless barrel saddle and committed to the treeless life. Each Circle Y treeless barrel saddle is made with the top insights from champion barrel racer Tammy Fischer. Not only will your horse enjoy complete freedom of movement, but you’ll enjoy feeling his every move this ultimate close contact ride.

4. What seat size do I need?

When you’re trying to decide if a certain seat size will fit you, you should consider the cantle height and angle before making up your mind. These tips will help you pick the perfect seat size.

  • High Cantles: 4 inches and taller
    • Provide back support
    • Will make you sit more in the middle of the saddle seat
    • May require you to choose a 1/2" size larger because it sits you more upright and depending on the cantle angle
    • Feels snug and secure
  • Moderate to Low Cantles: 4 inches and lower
    • Lets you sit more relaxed
    • More open feel
    • Some riders will go down 1/2" due to the seat being more open.
  • Switching Cantle Type
    • When switching from a low cantle to a high cantle, you may go up a size to accommodate going from an open to a snug seat.
    • When switching from a high cantle to a low cantle, you may go down a size to accommodate going from a snug seat to an open seat.

If you can sit in the saddle to see how it feels, that’s always best. Often times most riders (especially trail riders), feel better in a saddle that gives a little extra room rather than feeling too snug. On the other hand, speed events riders typically like their saddle seats to fit snug.

There is no one right or wrong way, as long as you can sit comfortably in the saddle with your leg at least 2 fingers from the closest point of the swell.